I am a professor of American literature at the University of Texas Arlington, which is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. These days I mostly research and write about diaries, but my longstanding professional interests are women’s writing, poetry, autobiography or life writing, and the early American novel.  I received my PhD from the University of California San Diego.

I believe that reading and writing are necessary for a living a full and rewarding life, a lesson I try to impart to my students and to embrace for myself. For me, this means I read constantly and across many genres, and that I write both for work and for pleasure — and I am always looking for opportunities to bridge the gap between my scholarly research and the general public. This website documents some of my interests and projects.

Contact me:

Work email: dhenderson@uta.edu

Personal email: hendersondesiree4@gmail.com

Twitter: @desimumbles

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