Public Speaking

Some of my recent or upcoming public talks:

“Immobility, Isolation, and Inner Change: Lessons from Alice James’s Diary.” International Autobiography Association (virtual), upcoming October 2021.

“Doing Things with Diaries: Handwritten Genres in Early American Fiction.” Society of Early Americanists, March 2021.

“Teaching Diary Fiction in the Life Writing Classroom.” Teaching Life Writing Conference, University of Alberta, December 2020.

“Teaching Diaries: Materials, Methods & Making.” Keynote. Conference of College Teachers of English, Collin College, March 7-9, 2020.

“’So Much Front Face’: Gender and Self-Portraiture in the Illustrated Diary” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing, July 2019.

“The Diary of the Future: Handwritten Diaries in Contemporary Fiction.” The Futures of Handwriting Conference. University of Louisville, April 2019.

“Dickinson and the Diary.” Society for the Study of American Women Writers Conference Nov. 2018.

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